DC Bathroom Remodeling: Video Tips Part 2 – Sound Transmission, Proper Sloping and More

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Elizabeth Mitchel
Partner at Finesse Design Remodeling

Another concern that comes up in our initial consultations with homeowners is sound transmission within bathrooms. This is especially the case when the bathroom is in a more common area such as off the living space.

What we recommend to relieve this concern is to insert sound batt insulation into the wall stud cavities. If this is something you don’t currently have in your bathroom, then this may be something you’d like to ask your contractor to incorporate into your upcoming bathroom renovation.

Brian Bielski
Partner at Finesse Design Remodeling

Another problem that we encounter, especially on these older D.C. homes, is that we come to a lot of flipped homes in which a developer or a contractor bought the home, and he or she flipped it for quick money. These tend to be less than professional contractors, and many times they’re a jack of all trades where one person is doing the electrical, plumbing and mechanical.

Unfortunately, these contractors are not really aware of the proper techniques of sloping the drains. They’re also not necessarily aware of the proper codes for sizing the pipes, and this can cause a problem with fixtures not draining right, and also with toilets burping. I’ve come into a home and looked at the crawl space and seen the waste actually pitched back towards the fixtures, which is not a good problem to have.

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