D.C. Home Remodeling: How to Save Time and Create a Retreat in Your Bathroom

You may want to rethink your interior spending dollars in 2017. According to home experts at Houzz, “the bathroom is the hangout spot of choice these days.” Survey results from “The 2016 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study reports that nearly two-thirds of the respondents spend 30-60 minutes a day in their home bathrooms.”

Whether you are in a rush in the mornings or need a sanctuary to unwind in the evenings, your bathroom needs to be designed to serve your functional and style needs. While it may sound odd, the greatest intellects throughout history specifically designed their bathrooms to serve their everyday needs, and help inspire creativity.

Greek mathematician, physicist, and inventor Archimedes, for instance, discovered buoyancy in his bathtub. According to legend, “he was so excited that he jumped out of his bath and ran naked through the streets of Syracuse shouting, ‘Eureka!’ (I have found it).”

Then there is the bathroom of Dr. Yoshiko Nakamatsu, who patented more than 3,300 inventions including the floppy disk. Dr. Nakamatsu’s bathroom was his sanctuary, known as the “Calm Room” – a bathroom tiled in 24 karat gold that would block out radio waves and television signals in which he felt would disrupt his imagination.

Of course, you don’t need to have the most decked out bathroom(s) lavished with gold to help you save time and create an oasis to inspire creative thought. This is especially true if you are a D.C. homeowner as space is extremely limited.

Thankfully, however, there are several tips you can incorporate in your D.C. home bathrooms to help you save time and unwind. A few of these tips we have highlighted below:

Saving Time in Your Bathroom

Tip #1: Change Your Shower Head

Change your shower head - rain shower

If you want to get the enjoyable experience of standing outside in a summer rain shower, try considering a rain shower head for your D.C. Home Remodeling. A rain shower head functions like rain, thus the name, and “pours” water onto your entire body, unlike the traditional shower heads that can only be moved in limited angles and don’t create that experience. It’s also great to couple a hand-held shower with your rain can. This is a great way to supplement the rain can because you can rinse your hair, your dog, and the shower glass with a more forceful spray when needed. A great way to save time in the morning is to consider adding a second shower head so perhaps you and your significant other could use the shower at the same time.

Tip #2: Consider Your Sink

Consider your sink

If you live alone, then a single sink may be all you need. However, if you share your bathroom with your spouse, significant other, or roommate, your own sink with ample counter and storage area can be a time saver. Plus, if you like to keep up with your bathroom appearance, then having your own sink and separate space will help you control the clutter and cleanliness. Sharing a sink with someone who is untidy can bring about frustration. Who wants to share a sink with someone who doesn’t clean up their toothpaste stains?

Tip #3: Keep Everything in Place

Keep everythin in place

While fixtures are important inside the bathroom, make sure you also have a small storage cabinet where you can keep all the necessary toiletries and items for the bathroom. Incorporating an outlet into a storage cabinet during your D.C. Home Remodeling can allow for discrete charging of many bathroom appliances, such as electric toothbrushes and razors. Having these items in accessible places and in proper order will keep your bathing a breeze and save a little more of your time.

Creating Your Bathroom Retreat

Tip #1: Choose the Right Tones for Your Bathroom

Choose the right tones for your bathroom

Neutral colors and natural tones can give a subtle effect on your bathroom. White reflects more light and looks cleaner compared to some of your darker colors. Also, adding a hint of green, brown or tan can give your bathroom a reflection of nature’s natural beauty.

Tip #2: Soften the Lights, Add Windows

Soften the lights, add windows

You don’t have to place an excessive amount of lighting inside your bathroom, especially if you already use lighter tones for your D.C. Home Remodeling.  A few thoughtfully placed lights can be more than enough. Windows will let natural light illuminate your bathroom and all the solar gain will help to heat and give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

Tip #3: Add Furniture and Fixtures that Set the Spa Mood

Add furniture and fixtures that set the spa mood

If space permits for your D.C. Home Remodeling, then adding fixtures that are common in spas can put you in a great mood after your bath. Mirrors, candles and a little bit of greenery inside your bathroom can also enhance your mood and let you enjoy your private time. You can even play your favorite music in the shower or through the bathtub with a variety of products which sync to your phone’s playlist. Some other luxury options to aide in bathroom relaxation include chromotherapy lighting, steam showers, towel warmers, heated seats or backrests, and shower body jets or air jet tubs.

Don’t take your bathroom for granted. Applying these D.C. Home Remodeling tips can help you have a luxurious bathroom experience despite the limited space. Make the best out of your bathroom and experience the retreat you’ve always wanted.

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