DC Bathroom Remodeling: 5 Quick Tips to Create a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

When planning a bathroom redesign, it is imperative that you address your current family needs, especially for your young children. You don’t want your kids feeling intimidated to use the bathroom. Nor do you want your children in an unsafe setting.

Below are five tips for you to consider when designing a bathroom to meet the needs of your little ones:

Tip #1 Select an Interesting and Customizable Theme


Kids will be kids, and the boring, plain white bathroom is not going to be appealing for these little tykes. Kids love to have a little color and designs that can spark their imaginations. Choose their favorite colors, cartoon characters or their “dream jobs” (future pilots or princesses, anyone?). You can add these small decorative elements inside the bathroom without compromising your choice of design. A bright paint color or whimsical cabinet hardware can make your younger kids feel more comfortable using the bathroom now and can be easily changed out as they grow older.

Tip #2 Add Ownership on Bathroom Storage


Planning the storage inside the bathroom should be on your agenda. You can personalize your kids’ storage by adding names to each bin, bag, towels or any other toiletries. These storage items will be your kid’s responsibility to keep themselves organized and can give your child a sense of ownership. Keeping the whole bathroom tidy will also be an easier task for you since you know exactly where you might want to look for items. You can also use baskets, robe hooks and even shatter proof jars in organizing the items of your little ones.

Tip #3 Consider the Materials that are Easy to Clean and Maintain

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Kids will surely get things dirty, broken or misplaced, so having items that are sturdy and easy to maintain is a plus. Any items that can break, tear or get easily smeared with dirt should either be out of your child’s reach or removed from the bathroom. You may also want to consider incorporating easy to maintain products and surfaces into the bathroom if you are planning a renovation. Items such as solid surface countertops or stain resistant epoxy based grout for tiled surfaces will stand up to the wear and tear of small kids.

Tip #4 Offer a Little Boost for Those Little Feet and Arms


When your children are small, they may have a hard time reaching for the sink. They may also have a hard time reaching the potty and the right towel to use. If you are remodeling your bathroom, it’s an excellent idea to incorporate lower sinks and even a lower height toilet to make it easier for them in the bathroom. However, if you are not remodeling your bathroom, you can invest in stools that are high and sturdy enough to support your kids. You can also place bathroom items they need in lower storage areas and racks.

Tip #5 Above All Else, Make the Bathroom SAFE

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We all want our children to be and feel safe in any part of our homes, and this is also true in the bathroom. Incorporate items, such as a grab bar or a slip resistant mat in the tub area to prevent your kids from slipping, bumping or encountering more dangerous accidents. If you have any medications or items that are potentially hazardous, make sure you have these inaccessible, or out of reach.

Bonus Tips:

Consider adding a hand shower

Hand showers are ideal for rinsing the shampoo off the heads of your little ones. They can also be less intimidating as young kid’s transition from baths to showers, and they make cleaning your bathtub a lot easier. You can replace your regular shower head with a hand shower, or you can have both installed and use a diverter to direct water from one head to the other.

Engage with an Expert before Re-designing and Remodeling:

Incorporating a bathroom that meets both your design and functional needs can be exciting and overwhelming. Rather than trying to do everything yourself, it is best to engage with an expert. These professionals know the industry, and safety guidelines. They also have the most up to date knowledge of building materials to use, and they have a keen eye to make recommendations to design and build a bathroom to meet your needs without compromising on style.

In a nutshell, a good bathroom design and build company will translate your vision and will help you recognize your needs not just now, but also in the future.

We have put together a free 5-point checklist to help you answer some common bathroom remodeling questions, such as cost, time to design and implement, hidden problems and more.

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