DC Bathroom Remodeling: Video Tips Part 3 – Bathroom Ventilation and Galvanized Piping

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Elizabeth Mitchel
Partner at Finesse Design Remodeling

Another tip for planning your bathroom renovation is bathroom ventilation. This very important element of the bathroom is often overlooked in the hubbub of the picking out tiles and pretty faucets for the space. But what is very important about a functional and healthy bathroom is making sure that all of the warm, humid air from your shower is being taken out of the space to prevent mildew, musky smells and peeling paint later down the road.

Bath fans are sized according to the cubic feet in the room. And you want to make sure that you are selecting the appropriate size fan for your new space. Additionally, we have come across situations where the bath fan has not been vented to the exterior as it should per code. Instead, all the warm humid air is being dumped into an attic or a cold space. Definitely not good for the health of your home or for you.

Brian Bielski
Partner at Finesse Design Remodeling

Another problem that we run into in these older D.C. homes is galvanized piping. Over the years, galvanized plumbing will corrode in the inside and it restricts water flow.

We get a lot of complaints when we come do our program notes upon the initial meeting with the homeowner saying “Hey you know, I never had really good water pressure in here. While remodeling our bathroom, can you take care of that?” And we do! The plumbing contractor that we work with includes that automatically on his price. Once we get in on that bathroom to remodel it, we are going to take that galvanized piping out if we can and replace it with new copper or PVC to eliminate that poor water pressure.

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