The Design/Build selections process

A large number of clients tell us that they are overwhelmed when they go into Plumbing fixture, cabinet, appliance, or tile showrooms because of the thousands of options they have.

The great thing about working with an experience design remodeler like Finesse is that we listen to your ideas and then use our design expertise and experience to create your new space exactly the way you dreamed it.  We scheduling meetings with you at the various vendor showrooms where selections can be done in a few short hours.

Let’s use tile as an example:

If you’ve ever walked into a tile showroom you know that there are thousands of tiles to choose from. Don’t fear, your input regarding budget and design criteria helps us narrow down the myriad of tile choices to a manageable few. We get a good idea of what to look for based on the theme or style we are designing to.  Once we narrow the search, we spend the time it takes to compare the choices and to see how those choices compliment the other finishes, textures, and colors in the space. We will guide you to the final few choices and perhaps recommend one more strongly than another for good reason, however, the final choice is yours.

The end result is a fun and stress-free experience for each and every client.