When you choose to remodel, there are many decisions to make, with the most important one being the selection of your remodeling firm. With a preponderance of back-of-truck contractors, design-bid-build firms and design-build remodeling companies, there are a plethora of choices. To have the best overall experience, here’s why you should choose a design-build remodeler.

Design-Bid-Build vs. Design-Build

The Design-Bid-Build Process

In the design-bid-build process, the homeowner decides that they want to remodel and look for an architectural firm or design team to create the preliminary set of drawings and project description. This is the “design” phase. Once these drawings are complete, they are used in what is called a “bid package,” which the homeowner can use to reach out to contractors to obtain bids on the project. The winning bid receives the contract to build the project.

Drawbacks of Design-Bid-Build

Because you have different people at different companies working on different phases of your project, it is up to you to coordinate them all. The homeowner bears the risk and responsibility for the design execution. In addition, if changes need to be made to the original drawings, the homeowner needs to return to the design team for alterations—for an additional fee. For example, the contractor may find an issue when opening up walls and need to amend the original plans, and a new floor plan may be needed to accommodate the changes.

The Design-Build Process

The main reason why you should choose a design-build remodeler is the coordination of the entire project under one roof. The homeowner chooses one company that includes a design team and/or architects to create the drawings and a construction team to perform the work. With design-build, the contractor is responsible for coordination and execution of all stages and the homeowner benefits from their years of expertise.

Benefits of Design-Build

Because changes in the original drawings are inevitable, flexibility is key. Within the design-build framework, alterations are easily accommodated to suit any new developments. The project runs more smoothly and your risks are minimized.

Choosing a design-build remodeler enhances the flow of communication, collaboration and trust. The firm’s in-house talent, project managers and subcontractors have worked together for years and know how to navigate the process as a team.

Another benefit to design-build is time savings. Decisions and changes can be made quickly, resulting in fewer mistakes and money and time savings, making it easier for your project to remain on time and on budget.

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Why You Should Choose Finesse Design Remodeling as Your Design-Build Remodeler

At Finesse Design Remodeling, our goal is to deliver the finest project and the best remodeling experience possible for residents of Washington, DC. We require nothing less.

You’ll work directly with our founders and team from award-winning creative design through construction, with open and honest collaboration throughout the process. Using a holistic approach, we design large or small spaces both inside or outside your home, with your lifestyle in mind.

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