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D.C. Home Remodeling: How to Save Time and Create a Retreat in Your Bathroom

You may want to rethink your interior spending dollars in 2017. According to home experts at Houzz, “the bathroom is the hangout spot of choice these days.” Survey results from “The 2016 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study reports that nearly two-thirds of the respondents spend 30-60 minutes a day in their home bathrooms.” Whether you are in a rush in the mornings or need a sanctuary to unwind in the evenings, your bathroom needs to be de... [Read More]

The 5-point Checklist for Your D.C. Bathroom Remodeling Project

Remodeling a bathroom can be overwhelming. This is especially true with homes in Washington, D.C. as interior space is extremely limited. To ensure your bathroom renovation runs smoothly, we here at Finesse Design Remodeling have put together a quick checklist for you to use, which can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed throughout this project. For the full 5-point checklist with added tips (including a special bonus tip) click here. Budget... [Read More]

How to minimize stress and confusion when selecting materials and finishes for your home renovation project

The Design/Build selections process A large number of clients tell us that they are overwhelmed when they go into Plumbing fixture, cabinet, appliance, or tile showrooms because of the thousands of options they have. The great thing about working with an experience design remodeler like Finesse is that we listen to your ideas and then use our design expertise and experience to create your new space exactly the way you dreamed it.  We sched... [Read More]

The advantages of the design/build approach to home remodeling

When homeowners take on a home remodeling or renovation project, they have several options to consider regarding how to approach the project when considering obtaining design concept drawings, permit ready plans, and use of these plans for use completing their project. Although a homeowner could feasibly use inspiration photos and idea books and hire a general contractor to provide a scope of work and carry out the work directly, the best rout... [Read More]